Episode 47- Computo The Conqueror

In this episode, Darren, Matt, Scott and Paul discuss the two-part Computo story, Scott and Paul recount their Toronto Fan Expo adventures and take a look at the life of artist Curt Swan.

Thrill to the woofer-eyes of Computo, laugh at Brainiac 5’s clever quips, and cry as Triplicate Girl becomes Duo Damsel. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, it’ll become a part of you, and you’ll love it more than Cats (the play, not your own cats, you should love them just fine on their own).

Episode 46 – Menace of the Super Babies

In this episode, Darren, Matt, Scott and Paul review Adventure Comics 338 and 339. The Legion battles the Time Trapper at last! After all this waiting, we learn that the Time Trapper was Snidely Whiplash in this timeline. We also meet Glorith, who will become a much more important character later on. Then it’s on to the Menace of Beast Boy, with more space animal escapes than you can poke a Durlan Poking Stick at.

All this, and another attempt to Stump The Subs!

Episode 45 – Back From The Future!

Finally, the time bubble lands in the 20th Century, reuniting the Timelost Subs with their families and friends, just in time for Klordny Week. There are, however, subtle changes in the timeline. In this continuity, Paul now has a daughter, Darren has a new computer, Matt has a new case of Con Crud, and Scott is drinking beer instead of scotch!

Despite all of these changes, the Subs discuss the Chicago Comicon, the Secret Origin of Fortress Lad, Adventure Comics #1, the art of Francis Manapul (and Agnes Garbowska!), The Weddings that Wrecked the Legion, from Adventure Comics #337, and where to find us on The Twitter!

All this AND we officially welcome a new Legionnaire into the fold!

Special Thanks to The Legion Wiki for the information on Klordny.

Episode 44 – StarFINGerrrr

In this episode, Starfinger strikes! It’s a Legion 2-parter from Adventure Comics 336-337, in which the Legion meets a foe that is more than just a “third rate nuisance”. Starfinger strikes, and everyone is afraid very afraid! Also in this episode, the first installment of “Substitute Theatre” as the timelost Subs make their way home.

Episode 43 – Proteans, Insects and Psychos, Oh My!

In this episode, the Subs are lost in the timestream. It’s almost as though this episode were recorded prior to Legion of 3 Worlds, San Diego Comicon and the birth of Paul’s daughter. You’d think he’d remember something like that!

The guys tackle the Unknown Legionnaire, from Adventure Comics #334, The Insect Queen, from Superboy #124, and then, just when you thought the episode was over, or at least Paul did, they give you The Sacrifice of Kid Psycho, from Superboy #125.

All this and a Stump the Subs submitted by Glen Quagmire! Will he beat the timelost Subs? Listen in and find out!