Episode 501 – The Superboy Chronicles: Clark Kent The Grooviest Guy in Smallville

https://www.gadgetking.com/2023/12/20/oeazktsel Paul takes a look at what happens when Professor Potter makes Clark Kent the Grooviest Guy in Smallville! Also, Superboy travels back in time to do some homework, and learns something he never thought he’d forget!

Episode 500 – Who’d Have Thought We’d Make it to 500 Episodes?

https://mappinglondon.co.uk/2023/3pok4js0jog It’s our 500th Episode! In this episode, Darren, Paul, Travis and Michael get the mic turned toward them. Harley Jebens, from Klordny interviews the gang about the podcast, the Legion and so much more!

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Episode 499 – What Is The Dark Man?

https://apexpeakfest.com/3rmhi5j-3121 The Subs talk about a whole lot before they get to the last issue of the Dark Man story arc. Gizmodo had a recent article on the 5 Years Later Legion, and some of the finer points of that run are discussed and debated. Also, Paul’s review of the Action Comics 80 Years of Superman Hardcover.