Episode 70 – Back To The Future: A Conversation With Paul Levitz

In this episode, Darren, Matt, Scott and Paul interview once and Future Legion of Super Heroes writer Paul Levitz. They talk about his past runs on the Legion and the JSA, his upcoming runs on Legion of Super Heroes and Adventure Comics, and how to really put together a great comic room. Check it out as the guys try to hold it together and not ask the question:

Remember that time when you had the Legion fight Darkseid? That was awesome…

Episode 69 – What’s Your Favourite Number?

With Matt on a mission in deep space, Subs Reservist Stewart (Wetrats) MacWilliam, steps up to help Darren, Scott and Paul take on The Hunter (Adventure Comics 358). It’s a Most Dangerous Game, as the guys talk about the upcoming JMS Brave & Bold issues featuring the Legion, the Doom Patrol, The Subs and the Inferior Five.

Listen for a Stump the Subs from Mela, the invasion of the Legion of Substitute Super Pets, and a revelation about the very special guest coming up in our next episode!