Episode 68 – Legionnaire Babies and Ghosties, Oh My!

Scott, Darren, Matt and Paul dive back into the Silver Age as Legion babies show up in Adventure Comics 356 and The Ghost of Ferro Lad makes an eerie appearance in Adventure Comics 357. All this plus listener feedback, an all-Chemical King edition of Stump the Subs and discussion of Jim Shooter’s vocabulary.

Episode 65 – 5 Years Later: Legion Home Videos

In our first episode of 2010, Darren, Matt, Scott and Paul delve into the new history of the Legion. How did this new Legion come together? Who is that tall blonde that suddenly showed up? The life stories of R.J. Brande and Laurel Gand, early Chris Sprouse art, and some listener feedback.

Also in this episode, Quagmire takes a shot at Stumping the Subs! Giggety!