Episode 59 – Growing Up Legion Part 2

Goofiness abounds in both story and show, as Darren, Matt, Scott and Paul take a look at Adventure Comics #355, and part 2 of the Adult Legion story. Beset on all sides by tangents, the guys learn the subtle connection between Audrey Hepburn and Batman, find excuses to mention Bwana Beast, and take a look at Adventure Comics #4.

Episode 58 – Growing Up Legion

In this episode, the Darren, Matt, Scott and Paul travel even further into the future, and visit the Legion as adults. Who married who? Who lost their hair? Who grew really bad facial hair? Most importantly, who lived and who died? Here’s where you find out.

Listen in as the guys discuss the events set in motion by this story, and how it all turned out for the Legionnaires.

Episode 56 – The Devil’s Almost Dozen

At last, the preeminent Legion villains make their debut. Darren, Matt, Scott and Paul dive into Adventure Comics #352, as we meet the Fatal Five! Validus sounds just like Solomon Grundy on the Super Friends as far as we’re concerned, so sit back and listen to the first part of their battle with “It”!

Also discussed: Breaking news about Paul Levitz and his Adventure Comics Annual debut, and a detailed discussion of Superman: Secret Origin #2, from elsewhere in the timestream!