Episode 242 – This Just In: Generalissimo Francisco Franco is STILL Dead!

The Subs dig into the end of Grant Morrison’s run on Action Comics, take a look at some feedback and some wish lists for new creative teams on the Legion.

Episode 241 – Don’t Worry, They Can’t Cancel Us!

While Matt and Scott fight The Cancellation Gang in deep space, Darren and Paul are joined by Josh Wilson to discuss the cancellation of Legion of Super Heroes, and to review issue 20 of that same series.


Episode 240 – Action Comics: Once More With Feeling

Zolpidem Tablets Online The Subs talk about Action Comics 17, sing the praises of Sholly Fisch, and talk about killer sushi. Also, a Stump the Subs from Omega2550, while Gear faces Element Lad, and Mon-El faces XS in the Legion Smackdown.