Episode 472 – Legion Pumpkin Time!

https://www.mocomemart.com/1pfdlc2h The Subs talk Hallowe’en traditions and plans, and their favourite horror movies, then they get into Superboy and the Legion 252. Who’s the craziest Legionnaire in this issue?


Episode 471 – The Man Who Destroyed the Universe

Order Ambien Cr The Subs finish up the Steve Apollo story. Matter Eater Lad saves the day, so what more could anyone want? In case you need more, we salute the 500th episode of 11 o’Clock Comics, and talk a bit about what they’ve each been reading


Episode 470 – An Apollo by Any Other Name

The Subs finally learn the truth behind the murder of An Ryd, from way back in issue 239. It’s Legion Traitor time!

Episode 469 – The Canadian Thanksgiving Flashback Fiasco

https://houseofillusion.com/zg3hg89q0q8 It’s Canadian Thanksgiving, and so Paul takes you back to a time that three Canadians made their way south of the border, and the shenanigans that occurred. Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian listeners, and Happy Monday to everyone else!


Episode 468 – So Brainy’s Crazy, Right?

https://mmhn.com/7bh1fzstzi Darren and Paul take a look at Superboy and the Legion of Super Heroes issue 249, as well as some Legion news, and their thoughts on what they’ve read of Rebirth.