Episode 203 – Hangin’ Out with the Tales From the Longbox Guys

https://www.loveessex.co.uk/hotels/no-location/7zjj2kd The Drinking Game gets out of hand as the Subs flashback to the morning of Episode 200, as they talked to Chris and Caleb from the Tales From the Longbox podcast. Much silliness, comic chatter and zoo escaping ensues.


Episode 202 – Superboy Gets Buried in Space!

https://www.wellmasters.co.uk/4dcxjeg08tf The Subs dig into Adventure Comics 379 for part two of the Dead Legion story, take a look at the last time there was a Zero Month, and battle a Stump the Subs from Mitchell.

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Episode 201 – Getting Ready for the Wrath of CON!

The Subs pay tribute to the late, great Joe Kubert, take a look at the guest lists for FanExpo in Toronto, and DragonCon in Atlanta. Then they run through Adventure Comics 378, 12 Hours To Live. All this, and a Querl Dox level Stump the Subs from Mitchell!

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Episode 200 – Who Will Lead the Legion

Buy Ambien Online Usa For their 200th episode, The Subs are joined by Brian Nixon and Darren Goodheart for a discussion of who the best Legion Leaders were, and who they’d like to see lead the team. Also, Brian has compiled an exhaustive list of the Drinking Game rules, as well as a ton of other LoSP fun facts.