Episode 98 – On The Edge of Nowhere

The new Legionnaires are on a mission with Wildfire and Dawnstar, when it all goes wrong. Join the Subs as they recap the return of Kharlak, and yet another containment suit blowing up on Wildfire. Add to this the introduction of Amethyst, and a new Stump the Subs, and you’ve got more fun than you can shake a Khundian walking stick at, which probably goes without saying, since the blasted things are so darned heavy!

Episode 96 – What Do The Subs Do On The Day After Doomsday?

What do you do on the day after doomsday? If you’re The Subs, you continue exploring the Levitz/Giffen run of Legion of Super Heroes. This time around, in issue 296, a bunch of thugs set off a firebomb that hits too close to home for one Legionnaire. Also, the guys take a look at Dick Giordano’s first Meanwhile column, which appeared in this issue.

Episode 95 – The Unbearable Light Lass of Being

The Great Darkness Saga is over, and it’s time for the Legionnaires to unwind. Join the Subs as they look at an early tale of the Legion as they meet up with the Green Lantern Corps. Meanwhile, Light Lass is leaving the Legion and Timber Wolf has a choice to make. Are seeds of the Crisis being planted? All this and a Stump The Subs!