Episode 33 – Sistas Are Doin’ it For Themselves

Darren and Paul tackle Adventure Comics 325 and 326. We meet a kinder, gentler Lex Luthor and the Girl Legionnaires take out the boys. Topics include: Upcoming solicits, Teenagers From The Future, Legion toys, Francis Manapul, and Jerry Siegel’s use of subtext.


Episode 32 – The Beginning of a Beautiful Long Distance Relationship

https://www.mocomemart.com/zv08m5ql6 Matt, Darren and Paul take on issues 323 and 324 of Adventure Comics, to face the 8 Impossible Tasks and The Heroes of Lallor! Do we get some insight into The Empire Strikes Back? Does Duplicate Boy’s costume make Element Lad look tough? You decide!


Episode 31 – 31 Flavors? I hope one of them is Martian Ice Cream! It’s Out of This World!

Darren, Paul and Ric catch up on what’s been going on in the rest of the DC Universe. Then they discuss the Super Tests of the Super Pets. Get ready for the wackiest crackpot theory yet! Pure Protean Goodness abounds!


Episode 30 – Trapper Trapper, Who’s the Trapper? Legion of 3 Worlds #4

Matt, Darren, Matt and Ric dig deep into Legion of 3 Worlds #4 and discuss the potential ramifications of the latest issue of the series. Bits of Legionnaire Business include: A farewell to erstwhile Legion and Karate Kid penciller Ric Estrada and Geoff Johns talks about Adventure Comics #1, or is that #504?