Episode 251 – Matt’s First Issue: Supermanscaping

Can You Safely Buy Ambien Online The Subs take a look at Matt’s first issue featuring the Legion, Superman #8, by John Byrne and Karl Kesel. ¬†Though the issue is dedicated to Edmond Hamilton, it homages Otto Binder (and Al Plastino)’s Adventure 247. It’s the beginning of the end for Superboy, and the guys have a lot to say about it!

Episode 250 – The Legion’s Penultimate Stand

Ambien Online Express Delivery The Subs take a look at Legion of Super Heroes 23, as the Legion faces down the Fatal Five. Who is the fifth member, and who makes an unexpected comeback? Who will win in the smackdown battle between Supergirl and Harmonia? Listen in and find out!

Episode 249 – One Shot Hero: A Spotlight On Wildfire

https://alohalibrary.org/news/mb69muo The Subs take a look at the first appearance of Wildfire in Superboy 195. Then it’s a look at his varied histories, leading to a discussion of whether or not a reboot is needed. All that plus Squirrelnado!

Episode 247 – These Reboots are Made for Talkin’

In their 247th episode, The Subs take a break from reading other people’s Legion stories, and come up with their own spins on the Legion’s origin, leading into a discussion about the legacy of the Legion.