Episode 685 – Valor 17, DOA Part 6: A Love That Will Last Until the End of Time

It’s the end of the DOA storyline, and Derek from the future joins the Subs to make sure it’s actually over!

Episode 682 – Valor #16: DOA Part 5 World Enough and Time

The Subs finally learn of Lori’s secret, if you can call it that. DOA continues as the Legionnaires guest star!

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Episode 679 – Valor 15 D.O.A. Part 4: Absolute Power

Derek from the Future joins the Subs as they look at Valor 15 for part 4 of D.O.A. This issue corrupts absolutely! All that, plus a rant from Darren, a DC Fandome recap, some Legion Trivia, and This Week in Legion History!



Episode 674 – Valor 14: DOA 3: Yesterday’s Hero Today! With a Guest from Tomorrow!

The Subs are joined by Reservist from the Future, Derek Binns, to look at Valor issue 14. DOA continues with Yesterday’s Hero, where Valor meets up with the Justice League and Superman.

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