Episode 598 – Legion of Super Heroes Vol 8 Issue 5

https://www.loveessex.co.uk/hotels/no-location/mc6jat8xg Legion 5 is out, and the world is on lockdown. Some very interesting things afoot in the issue! Wishing you all health and safety!


Episode 597 – Darren & Paul’s Event Theatre: The Janus Directive to War of the Gods

https://houseofillusion.com/cbddps8b3t5 Darren and Paul are joined in the Event Theatre by Michael and Jim, as they go further into DCs Events!

Episode 596 – Darren and Paul’s Event Theatre: Millenium, Cosmic Odyssey and Invasion

https://www.harrisonbrook.co.uk/amn0ilcyox Darren and Paul take a look at the events of the DCU. This time, it’s Millenium, Cosmic Odyssey and Invasion.

Episode 595 – Five Years Later Two Years Later: State of the 5YL Universe

The Subs are joined by Derek Binns as they throw down about the first 2 years of the 5YL run, what did they like, what did they hate, what will they defend? It’s all here!


Episode 594 – 5YL Part 26 Annual 2: The Legend of Valor

Zolpidem 10Mg Online Uk The Subs learn all about how Valor came to be such a legend in the 30th Century!