Episode 480 – Double Christmas Part 2: Holiday Legion Tales

Zolpidem Mastercard The Subs take a look at two Legion holiday tales. The first is from the 1980 DC Comics Super-Star Holiday Special, and the second from Teen Titans Go (2013 series) 49.


We wish our listeners a  safe and happy holiday season!

Episode 479 – Double Christmas Part 1 – Gremlins

As the holiday decorations go up at Subs HQ, Darren, Travis and Paul give their commentary on the 80s holiday classic movie Gremlins! More Holiday fun will land next week as well! In the meantime, pop the movie on and join us as we experience it again!


Episode 478 – The Superboy Chronicles: The Day Superboy Sold Out

Paul takes a look at New Adventures of Superboy 21. Superboy meets his match with Super Salesman Huey B Mckay. Huey can sell anything to anyone, including a new super power!


Episode 477 – Who Stole the Legion?

https://lakrafteriadecorazon.com/5sr3y6g7a8 Paul, Travis and Michael talk about Superboy and the Legion 257. Topics include: Legion speculation in the Crisis on Earth X crossover event on the CW, Gerry Conway’s run on the Legion, Steve Ditko’s fill-in stories and the paradox of fun-size candy bars.