Episode 717 – Event Theatre: Zero Hour: Crisis in Time Issue 4 Part 1

The Subs are joined by Brent from the Future as they begin their epic look at Zero Hour: Crisis in Time.

Episode 583 – Crisis on Infinite Podcasts Part 1 Holy Crimson Skies of Death!

The Subs go deep on the CW Crossover Crisis on Infinite Earths. All the cameos, all the Easter eggs, all the Earths!



Episode 352 – The Infinite Man? Didn’t We Just Do This? Does Anyone Know There’s a Crisis Going On?

https://www.angimage.com/e7p51tqc Darren and Paul are caught in a crisis between timelines. Paul seems to think that we already did this issue, while Darren reminds him that we did the first appearance of the Infinite Man just a few weeks ago. We take a look at how the Legionnaires are reacting to the… what was it again that was happening to the universe? Nobody can quite remember!




Episode 320 – Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?

Darren and Paul continue their look at the post-Crisis DCU, as they, along with the Legion of Super Heroes (not to mention the Legion of Super Villains and many many guest stars) say goodbye to the Superman of the Silver and Bronze ages. Many Easter Eggs are found. If you find some that we have missed, be sure to let us know so that we can talk about them the next time we run a Darren and Paul’s Event Theatre episode!

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Episode 319 – History of the DC Universe Part 2

Buy Pfizer Alprazolam Darren and Paul dig into the second issue of History of the DC Universe, by Wolfman and Perez, but not before they go back to issue one and nail that All Star Squadron page. Who are the characters? What became of them? How much of the history had already changed before the book came out? All will be revealed!


Episode 316 – History of the DC Universe Part 1

https://parksiderestaurant.co.uk/uycry5hx5 Darren and Paul follow up their epic 12 part look at Crisis on Infinite Earths with the first issue of Wolfman and Perez’s 1986 History of the DC Universe. What was new? Who was who? They’ll get most of that (and the rest of it in part 2!). Let the history lesson commence!

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Episode 306 – Crisis Counselling 12: The End of the Beginning – The Not So Final Crisis

https://satellite-bandwidth.net/2023/09/07/unxgjsz32y Darren and Paul dig deep into the final issue of Crisis on Infinite Earths. It’s a big one, and there are many deaths, as well as many tangents. Pour yourself a drink and join in the fun… and the carnage!




Episode 301 – Crisis Counselling 10 – Death at the Dawn of Time

Order Xanax Online Uk Darren and Paul dig into Crisis on Infinite Earths 10. While the Spectre challenges the Anti-Monitor, the Subs learn that the greatest foe may be the colourist of the series!