Episode 345 – Superboy, The Legion and Cruella Deville 2, The Convergening!

It’s a full house this week, as Darren and Paul are joined by *gasp* Scott, whose containment suit was finally fixed, as well as Tales From the Longbox’s Murray Fox! The guys dig into Superboy and the Legion of Superheroes Convergence #2. The Atomic Knights, led by Rick Grimes… er, Gardner Grayle aren’t backing down, and they figure they can mess with Superboy and the Legion. Hilarity ensues!

Episode 344 – Superboy Meets Heroes from the Future

When Long Weekend Schedules conspire to defeat the Subs, it’s Paul’s box of Superboy comics to the rescue. Do you think the Legion were the only heroes from the future that Superboy met? In fact, it used to be a regular thing for the young Kal-El to either travel through time and meet other heroes, or he would meet them in the years before they became heroes, and as with the Legion, would provide them with some inspiration in their heroic ways. Here is one such tale, from The New Adventures of Superboy, issue 13, when Clark meets a boy born without fear.

Episode 343 – Legion Reservist Files Who is Pete Ross?

With Darren felled by Con Crud, Matt in deep space, and Scott trying to integrate a new critter into the family, Paul is left to his own devices. This leads him to take a look at Superboy’s old pal, and honorary Legionnaire, Pete Ross. Who created him? How did he meet Superboy (vol 1, issue 86)? How did he discover Superboy’s secret identity (vol 1 issue 90)?

All will be answered!