Episode 406 – Different Paths

https://gfqnetwork.com/shows/izujvc2b5m Darren and Paul are joined in conversation over all things nerdy, with San Diego Comicon having run through the past week, by our old friend Stewart MacWilliam. They cover the things that they’re geeking out over right now, and then get into issue #55 0f the Legion!


Episode 404 – Legion not Found

Darren and Paul do their level best to get through a two-parter that had no right to be so. It even looks as though Giffen did his level best to avoid being in it. It’s okay though, because the end makes it all worth it. We read some feedback for us, and also some feedback for Levitz. At least WE never tried to transport a dwarf star!

Episode 403 – The Secret in the Star

Darren and Paul finish out the Starfinger Saga, as Cham and Colossal Boy are rescued from Char Burrane’s clutches. Also, Dream Girl takes a flight of fancy!