Episode 294 – When Stargrave Strikes

With Matt on a mission to BBQ-Prime, the cookout planet, the rest of the Subs take a look at Jim Shooter’s last regular issue of Superboy and the Legion of Super Heroes. The Legion face Pulsar Stargrave, and the Subs talk about the perceived lack of depth in the Legion’s villain bench.


Episode 293 – The Time Trapper’s Back, and He Brought a Friend!

https://mmhn.com/b8eae6lwnw While Matt fights of the after effects of his battle with the Allergy Beasts of Ekron, Darren, Scott and Paul revisit the return of the Time Trapper, as well as the first appearance of Pulsar Stargrave!

Episode 291 – In Memory of Our Friend Jamie D

In honour of our friend, Jamie Dallessandro of Comic Geek Speak, who passed away following a long battle with cancer, we review and recap two things starring his favourite super hero, Captain America. First up, Captain America The Winter Soldier, and then a look at Avengers Vol 1, issue 4, the issue that first brought Cap back from the deep freeze.


RIP Jamie. You will be missed.