Episode 350 – Maids of Might: A Spotlight on Supergirl

https://katecon2006.org/2023/04/06/nbd7hhtda Darren and Paul take a look at an iconic Legionnaire Kara Zor-El, aka Supergirl as well as her many variations and portrayals.

Episode 349 – Superboy Meets Another Green Guy

Paul is on a mission in deep space, but fortunately, he has his recording gear, and a Superboy comic! In this episode, Paul looks at the first time Clark Kent met Oliver Queen!

Episode 348 – Something Infinite This Way Comes

https://www.compuerta12.com/2023/04/hgfwqgscx Darren and Paul take a look at Superboy and the Legion 233, the first appearance of Jaxon Rugarth, The Infinite Man!


Episode 347 – Marshall Law: Secret Tribunal

https://www.speedmasti.com/india-car-news/0k42mki Scott and Paul meet up in a pub at the end of the world to discuss a satirical look at the Legion in Marshall Law: Secret Tribunal!

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Episode 346 – The UnCrisising: A Comics News Roundup

https://www.lifechucks.com/featured-articles/b0u6y1yl The headquarters are ready to burst as all four Subs are in the house and are joined by Murray Fox. The gang takes a look at a bunch of current stories in comics news, including the big Convergence news. All this, and a live Stump The Subs!

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