Episode 524 – Look Homeward Argonian

https://zzkustom.com/b7fyw6v0 The Subs take a look at a story in which Supergirl temporarily teams up with the Legion after a chance meeting with citizens of Argo City. Then, in the spirit of Hallowe’en, they take a look at fan costume ideas from Adventure Comics 403. All this, plus a dip into the Subs Mailbag, and This Week in Legion History!


Episode 523 – The Time Bomb with the 1000 Year Fuse

https://katecon2006.org/2023/04/06/89n0dtlo The Subs dig into Brave and the Bold 179, in which the Legion teams up with some guy named Batman.


Episode 522 – The Reflecto Saga Part 6: If Answers There Be…

Ambien 12.5 Mg Online It took us ten years to get here, but finally, it’s the end of the Reflecto Saga saga saga in Legion of Super Heroes 282! The Subs look into it all!


Episode 521 – The Superboy Chronicles: Save Superboy or Die!

Ambien To Buy From Uk The Superboy Revenge Squad shows up to do what they do best. Save Superboy? Wait a second… Don’t worry. It all gets cleared up in this episode!


Episode 520 – The Reflecto Saga Part 5: Madness is the Molecule Master

Cheap Zolpidem Online The Subs are joined by Murray Fox as they dig into the last Ditko drawn Legion book, in which an old foe, who just can’t seem to get a handle on his name, shows up in the 20th century to battle the time lost Legionnaires.