Episode 623 -Episode 623 – 5YL Part 40 Issue 36 Terra Mosaic Part 13: The Battle Nobody Wanted

The Subs talk about the end of The Terra Mosaic, along with the battle for which nobody clamored!


Episode 622 – 5YL Part 39 Issue 35 The Terra Mosaic Part 12: Sun Boy Comes Over for BBQ!

https://fincadeuga.com/tb0m0zm1 The Subs are joined by Matthew Elmslie from the Legion Abstract to discuss issue 35 of vol 4, as the Dominator War comes to an end!


Episode 621 – 5YL Part 38 Issue 34 The Terra Mosaic Part 11: Laurel Gand in 5 Metres!

The Subs get into issue 34 of Legion of Super Heroes Vol 4. Things go poorly for the Dominators!

Episode 615 – 5YL Part 37, Issue 33, The Terra Mosaic Part 10 Whatever Happened to Kid Quantum

https://www.angimage.com/bsoz2yurz The Subs debate the “forgotten” Legionnaire Kid Quantum. Who was he, and why now?

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Episode 613 – 5YL Part 36, Issue 32, The Terra Mosaic Part 9: The First To Fall

https://centrovino-ribeirasacra.com/2023/09/07/5klh0ae The Subs take a look at issue 32 of the 5YL run. Who will be the first to fall?


Episode 608 – 5YL Part 34 Annual 3 Part 2 Terra Mosaic Part 7: What happens at Lightning Ring Ranch Stays at Lightning Ring Ranch

https://curtidospinos.com/en/leather-cord/hjqrhmz The Subs hang out with the Legion as they gather on Winath for the Ranzz twins’ christening. So much happens and there are so many things that happen and so many opinions on them. Go Dreamers!


Episode 606 – 5YL Part 32 Issue 30 Ambush! (Not the Bug)

Buy Alprazolam Bars Online The Subs are joined by Al Sedano, of Resurrections: An Adam Warlock and Thanos podcast, as well as the man from the future, Derek Binns as they make their way through issue 30 and the battle against the Dominators!


Episode 605 – 5YL Part 31 Issue 29, The Terra Mosaic Part 5: Poom! Padoom and Doooooom!

https://construnext.com/v0ciocldzk The Subs are joined by Matthew Elmslie (The Legion Abstract and Time Beacon on timetravelnexus.com) to discuss the rising action of the rebellion against the Dominators in issue 29 of the 5YL run. Lots of discussion about what is happening in the story, as well as what a run like this means for the comics industry then and now.