Episode 221 – Who’s Who in the New Year

Zolpidem Buy Online The Subs ring in the new year by talking about Who’s Who in the Legion of Super Heroes 2. Dr Mayavale, the Fatal Five and Grimbor are among the many characters that they discuss. All of us here at Subs HQ wish you and yours a Happy New Year!


Episode 220 – Christmas with the Subs

Join the Subs in a laid back Christmas Eve, as they discuss recent Legion news, then talk about their traditions and plans for the holiday. There may even be a Legiony twist on an old favourite Christmas verse.

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Episode 219 – Far From Home Commentary

https://heleven.com/6aqre75 The Subs take it easy this week, and sit back to watch an episode of Justice League Unlimited, which features the Legion. Even better, you can join in the fun! See the comments at legionofsubstitutepodcasters.com for a link

Episode 218 – Lightning Beasts of Korbal? Why Haven’t They Mentioned This Before?

Can I Buy Ambien In Mexico The Subs take a look at the last story of the Legion in Action Comics, and follow the Legion to Superboy. A look at the fashions of the Legion follows!

Episode 217 – The Tyrant and the Traitor

The Subs dig into a two parter from the Action run, written by E. Nelson Bridwell, and manage to survive it all. First they explain where the whole Mordru on a Jetski thing came from, and dive into a bit of Facebook Feedback.

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