Episode 302 – Dorf on Legion

http://delamarre.net/joomla/h95mlyxshtj The Subs take a look at Superboy and the Legion of Super Heroes issue 227, in which Brainy betrays the Legion, or does he? Also, some further discussion on Jeff Lemire’s upcoming Legion crossover.


Episode 301 – Crisis Counselling 10 – Death at the Dawn of Time

Darren and Paul dig into Crisis on Infinite Earths 10. While the Spectre challenges the Anti-Monitor, the Subs learn that the greatest foe may be the colourist of the series!

Episode 299.5 – The Planetary Chance Machine Decides

With Monkey Boy trapped in deep space, the remaining Subs must do everything they can to stave off the impending doom (Dooooooooooommmmmm) of Episode 300. In desperation, they turn to the Planetary Chance Machine to help them decide what story to cover. What will it be? Not even the Subs know!