Episode 441 – The Big Blow Up of 2984

Buy Ambien Overnight Cod The Subs bear witness to the destruction and rebuilding of Legion Headquarters, in Legion of Super Heroes 311 and of course, Brainy is front and center! Also, discussion of Legion cameos, the demise of characterization and the poll to determine the next era we cover!

Episode 440 – The All Dev-Em Episode

Dev-Em, the once and future Kryptonian, gets the spotlight in this, the end, of the Tales of the Legion stories. We cover issues 324 and 325, and so much more!


Episode 439 – Tales of the Legion 323: Look Homeward Legionnaires

https://www.whiteoaksblog.com/2023/04/06/h4br6l2mk5 Darren and Paul conclude the Exile storyline in Tales of the Legion 323, as Brainiac 5 and Dawnstar are reunited and try to save Jhodan’s planet.


Episode 438 – Tales of the Legion 322: Lost Among the Missing

https://zzkustom.com/ngki0ddhfo Darren and Paul take a look at Tales of the Legion 322, the Legion’s upcoming crossover with Bugs Bunny, their appearance in Love is Love, and note the passing of inker Dave Hunt.