Episode 367 – The Lost Hero

Tramadol To Buy Darren and Paul take a look at Legion of Super Heroes 28 (Baxter Run) as we say “see you later” to a Legionnaire. They also take a look at the long and admirable career of the late Murphy Anderson, and answer a twitter question from a listener about what they’re currently reading.

Episode 366 – Beginnings, Endings and Other Mysteries

https://aquarl-duval.com/2023/12/20/pnngt4k The Subs are joined by Mark Sweeney of the I’m The Gun Podcast, as they discuss Legion of Super Heroes issue 27. It’s a breather after the battle with the Fatal Five, and the big reveal about Sensor Girl’s identity, but what’s really going on in this issue? Listen in and find out!

Episode 365 – The Fatal Five Strikes!

https://www.fullpotentialnow.org/6x10mtq With Sensor Girl revealed, the Subs take a look at the ensuing battle with the Fatal Five! It’s an issue of battles fought, sacrifices made and new threads getting set up.


Episode 364 – Superboy Meets Superman’s Pal

https://www.thiswildlifeofmine.com/dbxmzew5lrr Left to his own devices while on vacation, Paul dives past the fact that we just left you on a cliffhanger, and looks at Superboy’s first meeting with Jimmy Olsen back in Superboy #55. Then it’s a look through Jimmy’s past, present and future.