Episode 445 – The Superboy Chronicles: Zero Hour for the Kents

https://www.norcalhobbies.com/sa12k3t Jonathan and Martha Kent’s past comes back to haunt them when Clark and his dad go camping!


Episode 444 – The Superboy Chronicles: Superboy Builds an Unbeatable Foe

https://labrochetteny.com/hic2bsliz7l In this episode, Paul takes a look at New Adventures of Superboy 17 and 18. Superboy builds himself an unbeatable foe. What could possibly go wrong?


Episode 443 – Law & Order: LSH

Purchase Ambien Cr The Subs hit the last issue of Legion of Super Heroes vol 2 (313), before it changed title to Tales of the Legion of Super Heroes. The investigation continues as the Legion tries to find the blackmailer who’s going after the President of Earth!


Episode 442 – Good Cop Bad Cop

https://mantamaritime.com/7hy7ov9 The Subs look at Legion of Super Heroes 312, or part 1 of Law and Order: LSH! There’s also looking at some feedback, and discussion of Wondercon.