Episode 545 – Legionnaires 3 Part Two: From Hell to Eternity

https://lerougemiami.com/uce0kfgtau The guys talk about some announcements at C2E2, issues happening with some collections, and Mike Grell’s Kickstarter opening some Legion related stretch goals. Then they finally get to issue two of Legionnaires 3, and discuss the career of Ernie Colon. All this, plus This Week in Legion History!


Episode 544 – The Superboy Chronicles: The Day That Lasted Forever

https://www.katalystdm.com/uncategorized/mzcs9zp Paul looks at New Adventures of Superboy 38, and its follow-up in Superman, issues 381 and 382 (with a brief look at Superman 380). What happens when Superman and Superboy switch brains? Find out here!

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Episode 543 – Legionnaires 3 Part 1: Future Shock

https://mantamaritime.com/j1582k4 The Subs finally wade their way into Legionnaires 3. There’s Captain Marvel talk (spoiler free), Doomsday Clock, Star Wars, some Mailbag feedback, including the Amalgamation of the Subs and the Great Lakes Avengers!


Episode 542 – Booster Gold vs The Legion: Time Bridge 2

The Subs dig into part 2 of the Booster Gold story, as Booster joins forces with the Legion to save President Reagan and Vice President Bush. Along the way, Paul does some truly awful impressions.

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