Episode 94 – Legions of Two Worlds, Dude

https://roommatesevilla.com/2023/06/01/n1tsopf The Subs are joined by Murray Fox of the Doom Podtrol, the always awesome Stewart MacWilliam, aka WetRats, as well as a mystery guest. With such a full house, it only makes sense that they cover as many issues as possible, so first, you’ll hear thoughts on Adventure Comics #516, Legion of Super Heroes #3 and issues 34 and 35 of The Brave and the Bold, featuring, respectively, The Doom Patrol and the Legion of Super Heroes, and the Inferior Five and the Legion of Substitute Heroes. There’s much discussion, and wildly different opinions, so tune in and check it out!


Episode 93 – Unkillable!

It’s Retro Review time, as the Subs recuperate from the Great Darkness Saga. With Matt on a mission in deep space, Darren, Scott and Paul dig into Adventure Comics 361, as the Legion face The Unkillables!

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Episode 92 – The Great Darkness Saga Part 5 Spoiler Warning: Darkseid!

https://houseofillusion.com/fj9d112hy In this episode, the Subs take on the final chapter of The Great Darkness Saga! Daxamites, Darkness and New Gods, Oh MY! The Master stands revealed, and the Legion call everybody to help them.


Episode 91 – Within The Darkness

Ambien To Buy From Uk It’s like two episodes in one, as the Subs talk Legion of Super Heroes Vol. 6 #2, and dig into the penultimate chapter of The Great Darkness Saga in Legion of Super Heroes #293. Kirby Krackle abounds as the Legion fights the servants of darkness. Meanwhile the new Legion issue heralds the return of TYROC! (Shut yo mouth)