Episode 319 – History of the DC Universe Part 2

Darren and Paul dig into the second issue of History of the DC Universe, by Wolfman and Perez, but not before they go back to issue one and nail that All Star Squadron page. Who are the characters? What became of them? How much of the history had already changed before the book came out? All will be revealed!


Episode 318 – What Fresh Hell is This?

https://www.speedmasti.com/india-car-news/bwxbrfg The Subs take a look at part two of the Infinitus Saga. The cover engenders enough discussion. The discussion on the interior of the book doesn’t ease up at all.


Episode 317 – The Moosonee Manhunter vs. Mon-El

The Subs are all on hand to welcome the Legion back to the 21st century as they return to the modern day DCU. It’s the Legion vs the Justice League United in part one of the Infinitus Saga!


Episode 316 – History of the DC Universe Part 1

Ambien Border Terriers Darren and Paul follow up their epic 12 part look at Crisis on Infinite Earths with the first issue of Wolfman and Perez’s 1986 History of the DC Universe. What was new? Who was who? They’ll get most of that (and the rest of it in part 2!). Let the history lesson commence!