Episode 585 – Doomsday Clock and Legion Too!

https://www.fundacion-salto.org/tfrp7x6 The Subs take a look at Doomsday Clock, and what it means for the Legion, and the DCU at large. Then they dig into Legion of Super Heroes issue 12. Also, Feedback, a Stump the Subs from Sal Longo and This Week in Legion History!

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https://www.antim.org/7il2edyz5 We’ll see you all next year!


One thought on “ Buy Diazepam Cheap Online Episode 585 – Doomsday Clock and Legion Too!

  1. Happy New Decade team!


    I like Geoff Johns. He wrote a Justice Society that was second only to Roy Thomas. For good or for ill, he reintroduced Hal Jordan and Barry Allen in a believable, competent and only marginally contrived way and, well, Legion of 3 Worlds speaks for itself. https://fruitssp.com/noticies/5l2gg1ip But he has two serious flaws: https://domarco.com/9o9gagt1c4n 1. He seemingly has a mission to keep the DC Universe in 1980. 2. As good as he is, he is nowhere near as good as he seems to think he is.


    https://www.angimage.com/e7p51tqc Which brings us to Doomsday Clock. No, I’ve not read it yet. And I won’t until the collection is in a dirt cheap ComiXology sale. I will read it though as I’ve always loved Johnny Thunder and, like Armageddon Inferno, even if it turns out to be as awful as it seems, it did return the JSA. https://centrovino-ribeirasacra.com/2023/09/07/w0jcnya7kl But Johns’ presumption of doing a Watchmen follow-up alongside his meta handling of the multiverse kind of shows he thinks he’s capable of writing on the same level of Alan Moore and Grant Morrison. And I really don’t believe he comes close. He should stick to good solid meat and potatoes super-heroes and leave the epics to those more suited.

    https://construnext.com/0yypnbzbw So after tearing down a writer that I basically like, we turn to a writer I don’t like: Brian Michael Bendis. https://www.francisdeblas.com/mz8756p8 I really liked his second issue. (Pause for a moment while I rinse my mouth!) Order Xanax Online Review Not hindered by previous continuity or characterisations for him to ignore or trash, he’s doing an excellent job of world building. And, astonishingly, I agree with you that the Legionnaires all seem to have decent, distinct voices. There was actually enough content to make my £2.49 seem well spent. True, Rose seems to be a multiversal transplant of Jessica Jones, and looks like becoming Bendis’ pet character, but I’ll cope.


    https://anferoptica.com/tzanf49091 Paul, I’m surprised you didn’t get my Bon Jovi reference. It comes from the Supergirl episode entitled, of all things, “Legion of Super-Heroes” when it is revealed that Mon-El had reintroduced all the classics to the 31st Century such as Aristotle, Shakespeare and Bon Jovi. Buy Generic Valium 10Mg And later we see the Legion cruiser rising out of the bay with “Living on a Prayer” blaring out of its loudspeakers! Now I can’t get it out of my head!

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