Episode 1 – Secret Origins

In 1958, Adventure Comics 247 first hit the stands and brought us a new team of superheroes. They were from the future, had really cool jet packs and had their names written on their chests. They grew into a truly huge superteam and established a long and storied legacy, with many characters, and a universe that seemed to have no limits.

Now, 50 years later, Paul French, Ric Croxton and Darren Nowell, all Legion fans for many years, unite to help clarify the continuity, and talk about how much they love the Legion.

In this episode, Paul, Ric and Darren share the origins of their own Legion fandom, and delve into the biographies of the first three Legionnaires, Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad (who was called Lightning Boy in the first issue) and also of the creators of the Legion, starting with Otto Binder and Al Plastino. Join us for discussion of the first Legion story.

The history of the future begins here!

WARNING: Here be spoilers! This story may have come out 50 years ago, but we go in depth and in detail. If spoilers make you squeamish, consider yourself warned!

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