Episode 338 – Rediscovering Legion Easter Eggs

While the guys take a well-deserved Easter break, we look back to an interview we did with Chris Roberson back in August of 2011, where we discussed his, at the time, forthcoming Legion of Super Heroes Star Trek mini series. He discussed his prior work, including the many times he was able to work Legion references into his work. Hope you have all had a great Easter, Passover, or any of the other celebrations that occur at this time of year!

One thought on “Episode 338 – Rediscovering Legion Easter Eggs

  1. Cool. Just a few weeks ago, I finally bought the Trek/Legion trade, now living on my voluminous Regina pile (see Urban Dictionary). Good time for me to revisit this interview. Getting to hear all four Subs is a bonus.
    And I’ve had Here, There & Everywhere on my to-read list for a while due to this episode and your discussion of favorite time travel stories. Sounds promising, but not the easiest book to find. It’s a ‘someday’ read.
    Happy spring holidays to all!

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