Episode 510 – The Man Who Framed Brainiac 5

The Subs are joined by Jim Purcell of the Savage FinCast to dig into Legion of Super Heroes 273, where we find President Allon getting off to a rough start with her son’s super hero team. Also, finally solved: The murder of An Ryd from issue 239! All this, and discussion of SDCC news. There will be rants.

3 thoughts on “Episode 510 – The Man Who Framed Brainiac 5

  1. So, a couple of things on this issue/episode as I inch closer to the present …. first, I must have forgotten this issue, as I had been thinking B5 really did kill Ayn Ryd (I think I did a very early post to that effect).

    Also, where Cham says early in the issue there was no way B5 could have been a cold-blooded killer … if he’s credited with creating omega, I think a cold blooded killing is in the realm of the possible.

    Finally, you all had a discussion on the legion blasters. I can think of twice they were seen in action. S/LSH 215, The Final Eclipse of Sun Boy, Tinya’s world-be assassin tries to use a blaster Brainy had holstered. And in S/LSH 243, during Earthwar, Duo Damsel and Bouncing Boy use blasters when they fight the Khunds in the Legion HQ with Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl.

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