Episode 510 – The Man Who Framed Brainiac 5

The Subs are joined by Jim Purcell of the Savage FinCast to dig into Legion of Super Heroes 273, where we find President Allon getting off to a rough start with her son’s super hero team. Also, finally solved: The murder of An Ryd from issue 239! All this, and discussion of SDCC news. There will be rants.

5 thoughts on “Episode 510 – The Man Who Framed Brainiac 5

  1. So, a couple of things on this issue/episode as I inch closer to the present …. first, I must have forgotten this issue, as I had been thinking B5 really did kill Ayn Ryd (I think I did a very early post to that effect).

    Also, where Cham says early in the issue there was no way B5 could have been a cold-blooded killer … if he’s credited with creating omega, I think a cold blooded killing is in the realm of the possible.

    Finally, you all had a discussion on the legion blasters. I can think of twice they were seen in action. S/LSH 215, The Final Eclipse of Sun Boy, Tinya’s world-be assassin tries to use a blaster Brainy had holstered. And in S/LSH 243, during Earthwar, Duo Damsel and Bouncing Boy use blasters when they fight the Khunds in the Legion HQ with Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl.

  2. Hey Darren, I’m still six months behind in the listening. I hope you found those missing slipcover editions. Those Crisis and JLA/Avengers slipcovers are such hunk of Perez gorgeousness that they are a must in any collection of taste!

  3. I was thinking about the Glorithverse version of events, in relation to this story. I know it was Glorith behind B5 going insane, rather than Stargrave. But Glorith had no idea that Ultra Boy knew anything. It was B5 alone who went after Jo and framed him for killing An Ryd.
    So, in the Glorithverse, was Brainiac 5 the actual murderer after all?

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