Episode 555 – 5 Years Later Part 5: Five Minutes in the Mordruverse

The Subs take a look at the alternate timeline created by Mon-El’s continuity punch. Welcome to the Mordruverse!

One thought on “Episode 555 – 5 Years Later Part 5: Five Minutes in the Mordruverse

  1. I think 2977 is probably the right date for Mordru’s rise. Wasn’t there a point that the only way that Mordru could have been defeated during his rise was to fight him before he was ready? So the the Legion defeats Mordru in 2976 because he wasn’t ready yet. In 2977 he was ready.

    Elsewhere in the internet, I was reading a Brian Cronin column on CBR last week about how the original Brainiac’s origin was altered to make him a computer for legal reasons.
    It did remark how they had to change Brainiac 5’s origin to compensate. And someone in the comments section went on to say “A shame that it messed up Brainiac 5’s origin”.
    So, yeah… 1989… Not the first time out for SuperEditorialDickery to the Legion!

    It made me laugh reading Rond’s line in Legion 5, “There’s definitely an internal consistency building here”. Don’t know what scrolls he was reading, but it sure wasn’t Legion history!

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