Episode 571 – 5YL Part 16: The Battle of the Khundish Bulge

War! What is it good for? Apparently, a three part fill-in story. The Legionnaires go to war with the Khunds!

2 thoughts on “Episode 571 – 5YL Part 16: The Battle of the Khundish Bulge

  1. Hi guys
    I got caught up in stuff last week so didn’t get around to dropping comments, but I figure Al Sedano will have it covered!

    Good to have a namecheck to Battersea this issue as it is about a mile away from where I live. Fun Fact about Battersea: the iconic Battersea Power Station was the filming location for the conclusion of Superman III when Superman dropped off Richard Pryor at a power station to get him a job.

    I got to thinking about your comments about Dan Raspler and the editorial trouble with the Legion at this point. It makes a lot of sense if there was editorial pressure to change direction and boost sales. Look at the stuff that’s coming up after this fill-in:
    A Superman crossover (sort of) in Time and Time Again
    The Quiet Darkness with Darkseid and, *ahem* “Lobo”
    and the ultimate potential ‘bold new direction’ with the SW6.

    I’m wondering if the ultimate fate of Doomsday Clock Saturn Girl will be to go down in comics history with the same importance as Karate Kid in the series that must not ever be named!

    Anyway, give my best to Darren and hope he gets well soon.

  2. Hey guys, I’m a longtime Legion fan who for some reason only just found out this podcast existed about two weeks ago, and have since done a very deep dive into your coverage of the 5YL era. Anyway, I actually met and hung out with Michael some years ago in Las Vegas and still occasionally interact with him on social media over various comics-related matters, which makes it all the more surprising that this show never showed up on my radar until recently. But now that it has, I’m pushing it on everyone I know who’s even marginally interested in the Legion.

    Anyway, I am fascinated by your respective takes on the 5YL issues. I’m personally very conflicted by them because while there are individual moments in the run that I think are outstanding (issue #5, #14, and the Sun Boy spotlight in issue #28 immediately come to mind), I think that this run was crippled from the start by the editorial malfeasance of the Superman office, and that whatever creative vision was in place when the series started, it never really was able to live up to. This particular storyline with the Khund invasion was actually one of the low points for me. This was the beginning of a run of issues that seriously underwhelmed me and didn’t really start to get exciting for me again until the Terra Mosaic storyline got started about six or seven months down the line.

    Anyway, I love what you guys are doing, and I’m really looking forward to comparing notes with y’all once you start covering the Terra Mosaic issues.

    Long Live the Legion!

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