Episode 640 – LSH Vol 4 Issue 42: The Enemy Within

The Subs look at issue 42, in which a mystery is solved. But while those questions are answered, do they bring up more questions? Listen in and find out!

One thought on “Episode 640 – LSH Vol 4 Issue 42: The Enemy Within

  1. Hi guys.
    I had a thought about how they could have gone with Power Girl. Now I had no problem with the Atlantis origin. It was fine, it gave her somewhere to come from – effectively a lost world, just like Krypton. The problem was that they didn’t leave it alone. Going back to the well just kept adding problems (don’t even talk about that pregnancy!)
    But I had a thought how they could have worked it that would have used the basic Atlantis origin, but still allowed her to be a Kryptonian.
    What if there had been one or two survivors from the Krypton/Atlantis War in Adventure 332? I mean I know, post Crisis there would have been a lot of changes in the details, but imagine a Kryptonian survivor marrying a child of Arion and producing Kara?
    So she’d have a lost-world origin and a Kryptonian heritage allowing her to keep that Superman connection. Plus she wouldn’t actually have been from Krypton herself, keeping the Superman office happy (or as happy as they ever got!).

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