Episode 733 – Crisis on Earth Doo: Ruh Roh!

The Legion meets up with the Scooby Gang, as they solve the mystery of The Ghost of Ferro Lad!

4 thoughts on “Episode 733 – Crisis on Earth Doo: Ruh Roh!

  1. So you’re dropping the Legionnaires AGAIN for the second time. Why in the blue blazes did you even start reviewing that series to begin with. I get the feeling it was to much like. I hate using this parallel. An Archie hero type comic series. As Legionnaires has been series types. AKA the Archie Legion Series. Here’s a fact for you about the Legionnaires Series. It has more issues than the next 4. Yes I said next 4 Legion of superheroes series combined. This series was a better jumping on point for new legion readers. Than trying to jump on the five year train for new readers. I personally think the SW6 was created to be a spin-off to bring in new readers. I guess I” all check you out in 2028. If the LOSP stay’s around that long.

    Now where did put that phone number for Sherman and Peabody. They did some time traveling experiments. I have to find out if they ever did any cryo-pod experiments for cold sleep.

    • I was wrong in saying the Legionnaires ran for as long as it did. It ran for 80 issues. It only was as long as reboot, earth-man, and part series vol. 7. Not quite the next four legion series after Legionnaires. But 2.25 series after them. But still far short of the 5 year series. With its 125 issues to its run.

      Also, sorry for going nova like that. But the Legionnaires is where I got back to be fully invested in the Legion. Until triboot happened and oh boy was that a rough ride. Still I as a fan of the Legion Comics and LOSP. Know better to blow their top when thing go different than you hoped. Its your show. Your doing this for almost 14 years plus. For your love of the Legion. Not to please us Legion fans. Maybe I’ll give The LSH 0 & 61 issue podcast a try an even give your 5 year run. A second try. Who knows I might like it after a second try. Sincerely OMEGA2550.

    • Who said we’re not looking at Legionnaires?!? During the reboot, the series moved back and forth between Legion of Super Heroes and Legionnaires. We’re covering it all, so pretty much every other episode of the show will be an issue of Legionnaires for as long as it ran.

      • Paul,

        Their was the statement made. That, when the loss start back up in 2023. After the holidays. You’ll be staying with the legion of super-heroes after zero hour. But the legionnaires series after zero hour wasn’t stated as being part of 2023 and beyond lineup. That is what I was talking about. Which did come off as a bit of a major rant.

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