4 thoughts on “ https://www.antim.org/kwwweqplhoe Episode 733 – Crisis on Earth Doo: Ruh Roh!

  1. https://sitep.com/k918yb5yuvk So you’re dropping the Legionnaires AGAIN for the second time. Why in the blue blazes did you even start reviewing that series to begin with. I get the feeling it was to much like. I hate using this parallel. An Archie hero type comic series. As Legionnaires has been series types. AKA the Archie Legion Series. Here’s a fact for you about the Legionnaires Series. It has more issues than the next 4. Yes I said next 4 Legion of superheroes series combined. This series was a better jumping on point for new legion readers. Than trying to jump on the five year train for new readers. I personally think the SW6 was created to be a spin-off to bring in new readers. I guess I” all check you out in 2028. If the LOSP stay’s around that long.


    https://www.colmadoezcaray.com/f6hforbsh Now where did put that phone number for Sherman and Peabody. They did some time traveling experiments. I have to find out if they ever did any cryo-pod experiments for cold sleep.