One thought on “Episode 744 – Reboot Legion: The Beginning of Tomorrow: Legionnaires 0

  1. Heyla alles, I’ve been listening to y’all for a few years, not commented much, just a bit on Facebook. I’ve not been reading along with you, just listening. I have dug my ‘older’ Legion comics out, and decided to jump in on reading along with y’all here in the Reboot. So you will probably be getting a few comments from me ‘out of time’ until I catch up to real-time. 🙂 I’ve been a fan of the Legion since the 70s, I would play superheroes with one of my cousins, and I would use Legion powers. would have been about 9 or 10 at the time… I did end up losing a long box of comics that included a lot of my earlier Legion comics in a move from southern Illinois out to Kansas City. At the time this issue came out (late 1994) I was still living in Kansas City, and buying my comics @ Clint’s Comics. I don’t think I’ve reread these issues since they first came out. I definitely enjoyed rereading this issue with y’all. Page 5, in the UP meeting hall, along with Captain Picard by the globe, it looks like there is a group of 3 cloaked Durlans to the right of the globe. And possibly a Talokian talking to Picard? Standard humanoid, with blue skin. (the guy in the yellow jacket.) And the aliens with the breathing apparatus from a couple pages further on, are showing in the background of the last 2 panels on page 5. they do show up again after the bomb explosion, along with the Durlans. Definitely am enjoying Moy’s crowd scenes. Buy Ambien Cr 12.5 Mg Online Page 12, ‘Suicide Slum’ in the window below Stealth, it looks like someone from Infectious Lass’s planet. And in the next panel, you can see Tinya’s hand pushing one of the boxes. P21: Durla looks like an awful small planet? Possibly even a moon, with the chunk out of the side? That’s all for now. Vik

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