Episode 264 – Wrath of the Devil Fish in 3D!

Darren, Scott and Paul dig into Superboy and the Legion issue 202, to find out what happens when you’re Lost One Million Miles from Home and then to face The Wrath of the Devil Fish. It’s the end of the Cockrum run, and Mike Grell is just around the corner!

One thought on “Episode 264 – Wrath of the Devil Fish in 3D!

  1. I know you guys are running through the episodes, but I have a special request for a show theme when you get time. How about a show just dedicated to the legion elections? Since readers chose the Legion leaders for years, that would make an interestng show covering the different elections over the years. One of my favorite Legion moments was Polar Boy winning. If you ran through all the elections in one show (okay, just one show might be a bit much), that could serve as a nice intro for some or a refresher for some of us whose books have been in storage for 15+ years.

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