Tomorrow’s Heroes Today Episode 14 – We Won the War!

Cosmic Boy, Brainiac 5 and … Sun Boy defeat the elusive Praetor Lemnos and his hoards of agents of Terra Firma.  Parallels are drawn between these Otherspace  grandchildren of criminals and Derek and Brent’s own convict history in Terra Australis.  As the issue closes Brainiac 5, like Mr Freeze before him, visits his love in a cryotube as he  continues to search for a way to save Dream Girl. We also discuss a series of flashbacks appearing in a backup story where Nura gets serious foreboding of her own demise.  The comical Legion Outpost letter column returns and is drawn by guest artist, Amanda Conner!

Episode 815 – Legion of Super Heroes Annual #7 – The Last Legionnaire

It’s time for a Legends of the Dead Earth Annual. This one features Wildfire leading a Legion in the 75th century. The issue leads to a discussion of themed Annuals, how well they work and what they ultimately mean. We also get one of the more controversial Stump the Subs questions in a while (I think they’re still talking about it in our group thread while I post this).

Tomorrow’s Heroes Today Episode 13 – Versus Terra Firma!

The Threeboot keeps getting wilder as total war against Terra Firma is about to break out.  Lightning lad and Saturn Girl almost kiss.  Projectra and Brin Londo do kiss.  The public service becomes Legion Channel One.  Karate Kid observes “You can lead a Rimborian to water, but you can’t make him think!”   And look out Elysian, it’s Atom Girl “bursting” onto the scene.

Tomorrow’s Heroes Today Episode 12 – It’s Just Comics!

Brent and Derek deal with the aftermath of Elysian’s attack on Legion headquarters.  Saturn Girl has no thoughts on the matters at hand and Brainy’s are just not smart enough.  

Sno Cone, the colourist, breaks loose exploring the United Planets in this issue.  Trippy Ttrxl is both a maths teacher’s and a surrealist’s dreamscape.  Dormir is a planet of lightburst inklings, notions and cloudy, yet firm, concepts.  It is also the home of the Public Service neural network controlling the teenagers of the 31st century UP.  Otherspace is a marshalling point for an upcoming invasion.

Tomorrow’s Heroes Today Episode 11 – Power Trip!

Derek is back.  He and Brent discuss the Threeboot Legion’s appearance in JSA Classified #1 and #2 as part of Power Girl’s Power Trip storyline by Johns, Conner and Palmiotti.  Was Power Girl once a Legionnaire?  Is she Superman’s cousin?   Why have the Legion founders come back to the 21st Century? Who is Andromeda?  Is Praetor Lemnos the shadowy figure in the background?   All will be revealed … eventually.