Tomorrow’s Heroes Today – Episode 17 – 1001 Years Later

Derek has been busy reading Infinite Crisis in preparation for this episode.  Brent links in “52”.  As Alexander Luthor’s multiversal petridish explodes it thrusts young Kara Zor-el 1001 years into the future.

With a time jump and a new title, Supergirl and the Legion of Super-heroes burst onto the Metropolis scene.  Only problem is while they remember her from history, she thinks it is all a dream.

Tomorrow’s Heroes Today Episode 16 – In Ancient Times

Special guest Mo Walker joins Derek and Brent as they and some Legion teens explore the notion of Crisis. 

A mysterious stranger lurks among the teens and has a very strong resemblance to a few past LSH characters.  The teens recount a story of the silver age LSH meeting Green Lanterns, Hal Jordan and Alan Scott and the Flashes, Jay Garrick and Barry Allen. 

In a second story the Secret Society of Super Villains meet Karate Kid and the LSH.  Finally the Crisis on Infinite Earths hits and Sensor Girls and Quislet among others interfere with the Anti Monitor’s cosmic cannon.  None of this happened you say?  Hmm … perhaps not. 

Tomorrow’s Heroes Today Episode 15 – So Far So Good

The kids grow up a bit as the UP invite them into a partnership.  Atom Girl settles the score with Invisible Kid and invites him for a drink!  Lightning Lad assumes the leadership of the Legion.  Brainy, Cos and Sun Boy are all off the table.  Reflecto makes an appearance, but perhaps not a Reflecto we have seen before.  Amanda Conner continues to draw the letter column with lots of chuckles provided by her and Mark Waid.