Episode 291 – In Memory of Our Friend Jamie D

In honour of our friend, Jamie Dallessandro of Comic Geek Speak, who passed away following a long battle with cancer, we review and recap two things starring his favourite super hero, Captain America. First up, Captain America The Winter Soldier, and then a look at Avengers Vol 1, issue 4, the issue that first brought Cap back from the deep freeze.

RIP Jamie. You will be missed.

3 thoughts on “Episode 291 – In Memory of Our Friend Jamie D

  1. Hi, guys, Jim here. Currently listening to Ep 291 — very nice tribute to Jamie D. And I co-sign on your Winter Soldier appreciation.
    Catching up on some old LOSP eps — top of my list: gotta hear Alan “All About the Love” White dropping some Tyroc science. I’ve really enjoyed the Mark Waid interview and Paul and Darren’s first Crisis discussion.

    Anyone going to HeroesCon next month? Beside Waid, and I guess Joe Staton, I’m not seeing a big Legion creator presence there.

    Keep up the good work, y’all.

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