Episode 294 – When Stargrave Strikes

With Matt on a mission to BBQ-Prime, the cookout planet, the rest of the Subs take a look at Jim Shooter’s last regular issue of Superboy and the Legion of Super Heroes. The Legion face Pulsar Stargrave, and the Subs talk about the perceived lack of depth in the Legion’s villain bench.

2 thoughts on “Episode 294 – When Stargrave Strikes

  1. Stop ranking on Shooter. The man is a pro, whatever his personal failings may be (and however long that list actually is). He did rewrites for Mort Weisinger and as an editor has certainly insisted on rewrites from other creators. What he said about his work at DC in the ’70s was that Boltinoff & Schwartz demanded “unnecessary” rewrites. I don’t know what his relationship was with Schwartz, but having worked for Weisinger at an early age had to be like going to Boot Camp. Boltinoff was one of Weisinger’s assistants back in the ’60s. Remember, Boltinoff was the editor that demanded that Grell re-draw Dvron for reasons that seem really specious in retrospect. You have to consider that it’s at least remotely possible that Shooter was had a point about those rewrites. Consider how badly the Stargrave storyline was completed after Shooter left.

  2. Not sure if the Darth Vader-Luke Skywalker relationship had been hinted at in 77 to connect with the pulsar-brainiac dyad but more interesting might be that stargrave almost hastened, and then delayed, the antimatter crisis /crisis on infinite earths

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