Episode 576 – 5YL Part 18: The Final Battle

The Subs talk about the third issue of what was originally a fill-in, but turned out to be the first time we saw the new Legion in REAL action!

Stump the Subs, Feedback, and This Week in Legion History are all here!

3 thoughts on “Episode 576 – 5YL Part 18: The Final Battle

  1. Hi guys,
    Just want to weigh in on the whole Don/Dawn thing and how they sound the same. This was used by Barbara & Karl Kesel when they were doing the revived Hawk & Dove in 1987 (when Rob Liefeld was considered the hot new thing!).
    In a letters page, they were answering someone who thought Hank Hall’s new girlfriend Ren would turn out to be the new Dove (as in the bird, ‘Wren’), but the Kesel’s answered that the actual clue was in the fact that the name ‘Dawn’ (Grainger) sounded just like ‘Don’ (Hall).

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