One thought on “ Episode 573 – Legion of Super Heroes Millennium #1: No Manhunters Allowed!

  1. Hi guys. Thanks for talking about Millennium!

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    I’m sad to say I didn’t get it because I just couldn’t justify the price for only 2 pages of the Legion. I’m unfortunately kinda poor so I have to be very choosy about my comics. So your talking about it helped me feel a little better. I am really looking forward to getting the Legion again though. It WILL be my one and only comic I get. I’m liking the look of the new Legion too. I know some are upset with change but almost every time time they have changed the Legion, i’ve liked it. Except 5YL. I was not on the doom and gloom bandwagon in comics back then. But even that got better near the end of the run. I always thought there should be more “alien” looking heroes in the Legion. At least they are not going as far as a Snakey lol. It looks like a pretty good compromise by having a few minor cosmetic changes. And as far as aliens go, i’m hoping we see Tellus and Quislet again.

    Thanks again!