Episode 52 – One Year Later

Ambien To Buy Happy Anniversary! The Subs celebrate a year of podcasting about the Legion! Listener feedback, Stump The Subs, the first appearance of Dr Regulus, and the guys dig in to discuss their top 5 Legion Villains. Who will be the biggest villain? Listen in to find out!

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2 thoughts on “Episode 52 – One Year Later

  1. Zolpidem India Buy Two thoughts on this podcast as I march toward 2017:

    https://www.canadiandachshundrescue.com/2022/08/12/ny3zln9bu I agree that brainy is one of the worst villains– wasn’t he also responsible for the murder of Ayn Ryd and framing Ultra Boy? Which btw gave us one of my favorite comedic moments, when UB outflew Mon-El and Superboy.


    Also gotta agree w Validus, again, easy to forget he killed Lyle Norg.


    As to continuity shifts bring the worst villain … here’s what (feckless) continuity shifts did. They did not kill supergirl … but the (in my opinion) feckless decision that there could be only one survivor of krypton erased supergirl’s heroic death from continuity. Flash’s sacrifice could remain, and I accept his rebirth via the speed force, but if supergirl never had existed, then her real and unreversible death never existed either. Erasing her death and making it meaningless, to me, is a greater wrong than killing her in the first place.


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