Episode 342 – Which Way Did He Go? A Spotlight on Ultra Boy

https://editores-euskadi.net/fc8i5pp4 Darren and Paul are joined by Josh Wilson, from The Oncoming Storm Podcast (see our website for a link to the show), to discuss Josh’s beloved, and frequent Subs punching bag, Mr. Jo Nah, aka Ultra Boy. Join them as they discuss some of their favourite Ultra Boy stories, one at a time, of course!


2 thoughts on “ Episode 342 – Which Way Did He Go? A Spotlight on Ultra Boy

  1. Despite my above comment, respect to Jo! I had somehow forgotten how important he was to getting the gang back together Five Years Later. And when I recently reread Lo3W, that moment with the Phantom Girls digging on the Ultra Boys made me laugh out loud. Again.


    Josh was a great guest, bringing a lot of insight and love for your subject. I hope you’ll be doing more character spotlights, what with the lack of new Legion material after Convergence. My fear is that you might morph into a Suicide Squad podcast… although, someone really should do one of those.