Episode 452 – It’s Trinity Time!

https://construnext.com/dm7lqloo Darren and Paul dig into the DC Super Star issues.  Batman gets a story, as we note the passing of Adam West, Superboy, who hears a story of the Legion’s early days, and then, it’s all wrapped up with a discussion about Wonder Woman’s movie.


3 thoughts on “ Buying Diazepam 5Mg Episode 452 – It’s Trinity Time!

  1. https://www.colmadoezcaray.com/ssant0cud One year later After a year of obsessive listening I’ve caught up with the episodes you were doing as my legion obsession began last year. What an awesome year it’s been with the hundreds of legion comics I’ve read and episodes I’ve listened to. The silver age the bronze age the baxter run 5 years later. Today I finished Earth War for the 1st time as these issues were part of a big hole in my collection on my 1st legion read through awesome comics I only wish James Sherman had done the whole thing. I’m looking forward to re-reading Levitz second run yet again later this year I sense that the legion will enter a goofier period now but sometimes bad issues make for great podcasts. Yesterday my set of New Adventures of Suberboy arrived which I plan to start reading once I get to issue 259. Keep up the great work and long live the Legion!

  2. https://sitep.com/re4n3okxj Hi team. Thanks for the great tribute to Adam West. I wish he’d gotten that cameo as Thomas Wayne in Burton’s Batman. You mention that may be it wasn’t a thing back then to have past actors taking cameos as parents in later films. But we did have the “Golden Age” Lois Lane, Noel Neill having a cameo as Lois’ mum in the 1978 Superman Movie.