Episode 456 – Legion Unchained!

Darren and Paul talk about Grimbor’s return to the pages of the Legion in Superboy and the Legion of Super Heroes 240. Also, Dawnstar learns a lesson about teamwork, and Darren and Paul learn about dopey trademark fights.

One thought on “Episode 456 – Legion Unchained!

  1. Hi guys, another delayed time-bubble message from 15 months in the future here!
    Listened with interest to the discussion about the trademark sharing between Marvel and DC. But you missed an interesting distinction. It isn’t exactly shared.
    DC has, I believe, the trade mark on “Super-Hero”™ (as in ‘Legion of the…’) but Marvel has the trade mark on “Superhero”™.
    It’s the hyphen that makes all the difference!

    Catching up slowly!
    Cheers from London

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