Episode 455 – Murder Most Foul

The Subs take a look at Superboy and the Legion of Super Heroes 239. Ultra Boy gets himself in a spot of trouble, and we discuss what might have been in the DC Spectacular that never was… We’ll talk more about Steve Apollo later on!

One thought on “Episode 455 – Murder Most Foul

  1. Loved this story. I have no idea why I first picked up this comic. It was certainly one of the earlier Legion stories I ever read, and bought long before the issues before and after. (FYI, apart from odd issues, I only regularly started reading Legion with the 1993 pre-Zero Hour Sprouse Legionnaires series.)
    Maybe it was because of Jim Starlin as I’m a long standing Captain Marvel & Warlock fan.
    Anyway, I never read the Steve Apollo followup until long after. In fact I read the FYL Annual with Ultra-Acting-Boy first. The Bierbaums tied in this story to their Glorith subplot wonderfully and seamlessly.
    Cheers all

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